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2 weeks, July 7-19, or
21 Days July 7-25, 2015

Bali is only one of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia--the fourth most populous nation in the world. But this island, currently enjoying an Artistic Renaissance, must be one of the world's loveliest, rich in dramatic scenery, ancient temples, and graceful people. It is a paradise for the fortunate artist or photographer.
An immense nation covering a total land area of 741,000 square miles, Indonesia is still growing. One-fourth of its 400 volcanoes- two of them in Bali- are still active, changing the country's contours to new scenes spectacular in their contrasts.
Bali remains one of the few places in the world where the traveler can explore and discover untouched places and witness exotic rituals that have not diminished with the passing of time. Every back road is a gateway to the heart of the Balinese people.
This unique travel/learning experience invites the participant to live the culture of Bali, to meet the artists and dancers, to get to know the people and their customs, and to visit rituals and ceremonies in some cases far from the tourists' beaten path. This is a chance to know a fascinating and vibrant culture from the inside.

Judy Slattum MFA
Spent 14 years as an academic before starting her own educational travel company in 1985. She has organized and led study tours to Bali since first visiting the island on sabbatical to study mask dance in 1978. Judy has published many articles on Balinese culture and her book, Masks of Bali; Spirits of an Ancient Drama was released by Chronicle Books in 1992, was featured in Time Magazine has sold thousands of copies, and was reprinted by Periplus Editions in Sept. 2003. Her museum exhibition on Balinese Masks toured the USA as part of the Festival of Indonesia for 5 years and has now relocated to Bali. Judy is a frequent lecturer at Colleges, Universities, and museums.

Featured Speaker: Made Surya could best be described as a Balinese Renaissance Man. He carves his own traditional masks, and has performed mask dance and many Colleges, Universities, and Museums, including the Asian and the De Young in San Francisco. He has led culinary tours, been a guest chef at several restaurants, and his recipes are found in several cookbooks. Lonely Planet has declared him the local expert on Balinese traditional healers, and he has lectured and assisted numerous scholars and film crews on such subjects as Hindu religious rituals and practices, vocal music for ceremonies, traditional architecture, and herbal medicine.

Quotes from previous Participants:

“What I liked most was the learning aspect – a survey course of Balinese culture, arts, rituals, and religion. Judy was a knowledgeable adjunct professor and I really enjoyed all the people on the tour.
Judy’s overview on all things Balinese was like a college course. I just want to learn more! It was really ideal to use her book on location at a mask carver’s studio.
My teacher, Ida Bagus Oka is now my mentor woodcarver. It was a life changing experience to carve in his class and now to become friends.”
Stan Peterson, Oakland CA

“The quality of activities were excellent all around. We loved visiting the temples & historical sites,--also Neka Museum. Had a great cooking class as well on our free day.
The people of Bali are so kind and generous, everywhere I went. The food was fantastic too!”
Marlene Robbins, San Jose CA & Karen McFall Greenwood, CA

“The teachers were all knowledgeable and helpful. It was a pleasure getting to learn about their techniques, skills & craftsmanship. What I will remember is the warm and friendly people, the beautiful vistas, the challenges the Balinese face, and a greater understanding of Hindu culture.”
Judy Butler, Newcastle CA

“I’ll remember the personal experiences with the locals. The cremation was extremely interesting & educational. The cooking class we took was a highlight and helped us in reading menus the rest of the tour, and Judy & Surya’s explanation of the culture. Thanks for a wonderful trip.”
Carole Knowles, Bend OR

“Getting to know Oka, my carving teacher, and spending time in his home and meeting his family was very special. There was a great variety of activities and our tour leader was very knowledgable.”
Lisa Wright, Palo Alto CA, Exp. Arts 2011

"I loved staying at our hotel, Oka Wati’s. Its a great combination of relaxing and close to shops, restaurants, and classes. The rooms are comfortable enough to hunker down for a few hours, but simple enough so that you want to get out and about every day. I will remember the different and amazing people I have met--thank you for a great trip.”
Madelyn Chavez, Exp. Arts 2011

“You really knew how to fully immerse people into a culture, and I really enjoyed it. I must say, that on top of being in such a beautiful environment, the stories, history, knowledge, and quirky created a very deep and appreciative experience for me. My trip was a constant euphoric whirlwind of art, language, mystical stories, spirits, and visual beauty, and I could of never even come close to having this trip without going on this program.
It has actually made me question how I travel now! I really love knowing and getting the "in" on places, and I felt that through this trip I was able to get that and more. Thank you so much for showing me a very true and "insiders" Bali.
I very much would love to travel with Danu again. I only wish more people knew of these types of trips!
Thanks again, I had a wonderful, once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget!”
Alicia Vergel de Dios NYC NY Experiencing the Arts 2010

"Thank you very much for hosting such a wonderful trip. I appreciate your time and your knowledge."
Cristina Dian de Leon, Newbury Park Ca., 2009

"I'll remember the children, your stories, the gentleness of the people. Thank you for giving so much. Taking us to your home & to your in-laws home. You kept it so interesting. I will hold this trip in my heart. I was enchanted.
Marilyn Gary, Cupertino CA

" Thank you Judy for your hard work. I am going home with a much truer sense of Bali that I would have traveling in any other way. I am grateful. "
Pat Alexander-Weston, Soquel CA

"Thanks so much for creating an interesting, informative and fun trip. Your knowledge of the culture/people/history gave the trip a much more meaningful experience for me. I found the information in the seminars very helpful in understanding Bali culture, people, & history. Enjoyed the quality of activities and everything that was planned as well as experiences I had on my own, and the accommodations as well."
Sue Walter, Soquel CA

"I loved my teachers--they were all wonderful. I love the idea of being taught by local/community artists...people who enjoy passing on their knowledge to anyone who is curious. I'll remember the people the most--my teachers, the hotel staff and the lovely people I met on the tour. Thank you for the opportunity! What a wonderful thing to do for people."
Sara Kanavel, Susanville CA

"This was the trip of a lifetime. I met masters and saw performances I could not have access to in any other way. Judy had an immense amount of knowledge, a gift for storytelling. I felt like I participated in the culture rather than observing as most tourists do. I have an enormous respect for the people. the culture and the arts of Bali."
Kathleen Kerenek

"I'll remember the people--my teachers...learning new and challenging music and dance, being enveloped by the culture and its background and meaning. Full experience! Almost an insiders view of Bali & the culture
Lisa Fenton, Portland OR

"I'll remember the amazing people of Bali. It was delightful to spend time with the people at our accommodation and our teachers & I felt part of Balinese life. I'll remember the beautiful scenery & inspiring cultural sites & performances."
Bonnie Fenton, Peoria IL.

"I'll remember how much we learned and experienced in such a short time. You did an amazing job of having us more easily in a foreign country. Thank you thank you for a fabulous experience & brining together a great group."
Carol Adamski, San Jose CA.

2 weeks, July 7-19, or
21 Days July 7-25, 2015

Mon. July 6: Ubud Arrive in Bali, and transfer to our hotel in the heart of Ubud, Bali's cultural center for a good night's sleep.

Tues. July 7: Ubud 9:00 Meet for your first language class and orientation session (on manners and customs). Walking tour of Ubud, cultural center of Bali, to familiarize you with the local amenities: money changers, community organizations, best cafes, and market. Visit the Saraswati Temple--Hindu goddess of the arts and patron of Ubud. Meet some of our Arts Instructors followed by optional group lunch. Afternoon free to relax or experience a traditional massage. At 6:30, enjoy your first experience of traditional dance and Gamelan music by acclaimed artists.

Wed. July 8: Ubud 9:00 AM A guided tour of the Neka museum to observe the evolution of Balinese visual art. Afterward we are dropped in Nyu Kuning village, home of wood and carvers and an important and famous clinic. Walk to lunch where we have second orientation session (on social structure and caste system) & language class. Evening performance of Dance.

Thur. July 9: Ubud Meet for third language and orientation session (on history), followed by excursion to Mas and Singapadu, home of Bali's famed wood and mask carvers. Tour of the mask and puppet museum—perhaps the largest in the world. Lunch at a favorite Cafe , followed by a workshop in Gamelan music.

Fri. July 10: Ubud Free Day. 6:45 be at Tourist Information Center for transport to an evening performance of Legong classical dance by the islands best dancers.

Sat. July 11: Ubud Classes Begin. You have your choice of Gamelan music, batik painting, basket weaving, puppet or mask carving, women's dance or mask dance. All instructors are wonderful human beings, as well as respected, English speaking Balinese working artists. You get 9 classes with your trip package and can take more or less as you wish for a small supplement.

Sun. July 12: Ubud Classes continue. Late afternoon meet for a lecture/demonstration on the difference between eastern and western dance.

Mon. July 13: Ubud First day of island tour. We leave at 9:00 am for the state temple of Mengwi, surrounded by a beautiful moat. Following this, we wind our way through the volcanoes to Bedugul where we visit the fruit and flower market and Ulu Danu, Bali's most beautiful temple dedicated to the Goddess of Lakes and Streams. In the evening, a performance of Kecak Dance in Jungjungan Village, by torch-lite.

Tues. 14: Ubud Classes cont. Optional 3 mile sunset hike through small villages and undulating rice fields from the heron preserve at Petulu village.

Wed. July 15: Ubud Classes cont. Afternoon excursion to the lush terraced rice fields of Tampaksiring and the ancient stone monuments at Gunung Kawi, as well as Goa Gadjah (the "Elephant Cave") an ancient Hindu/Buddhist temple at Bedulu. Topeng dance

Thur. July 16: Ubud Classes cont. Wayang Kulit

Fri. July 17: Ubud Classes cont.

Sat. July 18: Ubud/Candi Dasa Tour ends for two-week tour. Transfer to airport. For three week tour its the second day of island tour. We wind our way through Bali's eastern district, stopping to observe the double ikat weaving demonstration and the making of traditional palm-leaf books at the aboriginal village of Tenganan. After lunch in Candi Dasa, we travel on to Amlapura and visit the Dutch-colonial style Raja's palace, and then stop at an organic, beach-front organic chocolate factory for a tasting. Back to Candi Dasa for dinner and spend the night in our beach bungalows.

Sun. July 19: Ubud Morning free to enjoy Candi Dasa beach, or take an optional snorkeling excursion to the near-by Blue Lagoon. After lunch, we proceed on the third day of our island tour through the back roads and rice fields, finally stop in Klungkung at the old Hall of Justice to view the traditional ceiling paintings. Then we visit the home of an artist who paints in the "Old Style," pre-western influence.

Mon. July 20: Ubud Free day.

Tues. July 21: Ubud Classes cont. Afternoon visit to the home of your guides and Happy Hour.

Wed. July 22: Ubud Classes cont. Afternoon class in making traditional offerings.

Thur. July 23: Ubud Last day of classes & dance recital. Show of batiks, puppets, and masks. Evening feast of Balinese food (ristaffel) and private performance of Wayang Kulit shadow puppet show.

Fri. July 24: Ubud Fourth day of island tour. Depart for the capitol city of Denpasar, stopping along the way to see the lively Barong Dance in Batubulan, village of stone carvers, followed by a demonstration of stone carving. Next a guided tour of the Art Center. A special visit to a traditional family home includes a lunch of traditional food, prepared by the family and a tour of the compound.

Sat. July 25: Transit Check out of hotel by noon, or stay longer in Bali or visit other islands on Indonesia.

Other situations will arise that cannot be predicted until we are in Bali. It is likely that you will also visit a cremation, and a temple festival. There is a very slight possibility that flight schedules might change. You may attend whichever tour activities you wish, however there will be no refunds for missed tour activities. Anyone who leaves the tour for any reason is on their own. Visits to the studios and homes of artists and crafts people enable participants to observe and photograph the creative process as well as purchasing art directly from the creator, usually at considerable savings.

Three week tour includes:

  • 18 nights of village accommodations in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali.
  • 9 classes of instruction in traditional dance, batik painting, mask or puppet carving, shadow puppet making, basket weaving or Gamelan orchestra with some of Bali’s finest working artists.
  • A class in making Balinese offerings.
  • A class in paying Bamboo gamelan.
  • 3 full-day island tour excursions to classic temples, secluded beaches, museums, remote villages.
  • 6 short excursions to ancient sites, terraced rice fields, nature reserves, homes and studios of artists and crafts people.
  • 5 Performances by nationally acclaimed dance and Gamelan performing groups.
  • Farewell feast and private performance of shadow puppet theatre.
  • Introductory classes in basic Indonesian and seminars in customs and culture, religion, dance, sacred masks, history, rites of passage, etc.
  • 1 night's accommodation at Candi Dasa Beach.
  • Breakfast every day and one lunch and dinner.
  • Services of guides.
  • Plus possible village festivals, ceremonies, authentic feasts, time for exploring, shopping and relaxing.

Not Included:
- RT Airfare
- Airport Transfers
- Meals except where mentioned in the itinerary.

per person for 3 weeks, $1725.00 per person for 2 weeks trip. The trip price is based on two persons sharing a twin-bedded room with private bath ( All hotels have hot water, western toilets, swimming pools). Full breakfast, excursions listed in the itinerary, classes, services of Balinese and USA guide, several orientation and language sessions. Two week tour includes all items listed on itinerary. In 2014 the average airfare from the west coast of the USA was $1750.

DEPOSIT: A deposit of $500.00 per person is required at the time of booking. Final payment is due 45 days prior to departure. Limited to 16 participants.

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: For the land portion, a cancellation fee of $100.00 is assessed up to 45 days prior to departure, when half the final payment will be refunded. No refunds will be made from one week before departure. Trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance is recommended.

ACCOMMODATIONS: All accommodations are based on two persons sharing a twin bedded room with private, western-style bath. Single supplement available for $295.00.

ROOMMATES: Single people may sign up for accommodations desired on a share basis and will be assigned a roommate as circumstances permit. If a roommate is unavailable, the participant will be notified of the adjusted price for a SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: $295.00

MEALS: Full American Breakfast daily. One lunch and traditional dinner. Although meals (excluding breakfast, the final feast and lunch at family home) are not included in the trip, we do organize some group meals at the start of the trip to familiarize you with local dishes and acquaint you with our favorite, cost-friendly restaurants.

SIGHTSEEING AND EXCURSIONS: All sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary will be carried out by air conditioned motor coach. All admission fees are included.

TIPS AND TAXES: Tipping is not customary in Indonesia, except in western-style hotels where service is charged. Optional gift will be collected for drivers and bungalow staff at the end on the tour.

PASSPORT, VISA AND HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: A passport, valid six months from date of entry to any country visited with proof of onward transportation. An Indonesian visa valid for 4 weeks will be given on arrival with $35.00 fee. Those wishing to stay longer should apply for a 60 day visa from any Indonesian Consulate. No inoculations are presently required or suggested.

Call toll free 888-476-0543 or email for further information.
Contact Danu Enterprises today and escape the ordinary!

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