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Bali, the justly renowned diamond in the necklace of islands that makes up the world’s largest archipelago, is well-known for its inner and outer beauty. Bali Hinduism is the predominant local religion and one that nurtures and encourages the arts. Bali’s stunning geographical beauty includes majestic volcanoes surrounded by terraced rice fields that gently spill into an azure sea.

Bali is also known for its friendly hospitality. Beyond the high-rise tourist hype found at the resorts on the southern tip of the island are back roads never traveled by the conventional tour bus. There are native villages where a foreign face is still an unfamiliar sight.

Health and fitness are elements too often neglected in our everyday lives. The itinerary of this trip includes physical recreation in a paradise setting nearly every day, allowing participants to expand their bodies, minds, and spirits, in an environment that nurtures all three elements simultaneously.

Excursions will include rice field hikes, treks in rain forests, volcano climbs, snorkeling expeditions among tropical coral gardens, walks through coffee and clove plantations, and lush waterfalls.

Participants will also be offered seminars on a wide range of topics, from Indonesian language and politics, to sacred masks and their spirit sources. Bali’s spiritual richness is responsible for an abundance of elegantly carved temples, a proliferation of music and dance, and a rich variety of arts and crafts. Visits to temple ceremonies and the home-workshops of artists and artisans will delight and absorb you.

In order to immerse ourselves in this unique culture, we stay where the tourists aren't—-in small, locally owned hotels. Several meals of tasty Balinese cuisine are included in the package. Former travelers consistently appreciate the high quality of traditional meals we organize.


Comments from previous participants:

“ I loved the walks to the village and through the countryside -- especially the walk to the waterfall and the long day with Katut through the rice fields.  Another highlight was the snorkeling.  Seeing the difference between the two snorkel sites was great.  It was also nice to have two different snorkel trips so that those unable to snorkel on one day could participate on another day.   Surya's knack of having friends throughout the island opened many doors for us that would otherwise be unknown -- the village ceremony, his teacher in the village, watching the musical instruments being made,  having him participate in the dance performance, enjoying a meal at his family compound, etc.  His passion and firsthand knowledge of everything can't be matched.  Having the flexibility to change the itinerary to take advantage of local events was a real plus! I will always remember the beauty of Bali and the friendliness of its people ---- and --- the one and only Made Surya!”
Wendi Lancaster Altuna CA

“I was just sitting here reliving and remembering all events on our itinerary.  I can't imagine any other tour company offering as much as you two did or having the knowledge. You have a very special service and should be proud of yourselves. You two are awesome. “
Cherie  Fischer, Santa Cruz CA

“Thanks to you both for making my experience in Bali the best trip of my life so far.  I cannot begin to give an accurate description of our trip to people. Judy and Surya have an infectious enthusiasm for Bali and I felt so cared for and attended to on the trip.  The experiences really helped me to begin to scratch the surface of a culture in which the arts are so integrated in daily life.  Amazing! Thank you again.  I so appreciate how much of yourselves you put into these trips.”
Erica Berg, Santa Cruz CA

“Marcia and I talk about our time in Bali every day. I can't wait to tell others about it, and what keeps coming up for me is that this travel experience is significantly different from others I've had in a way I can't put words to yet, but I keep trying. Yes, this was my first time being part of a tour, so that is different, but that's not the most significant difference. You and Judy are a huge part of it, because of who you are and what you share, but there is still more.  I think it has to do with Bali itself, with the energy and spirit of the place and the people, that continues to affect me on a deeper level. “
Ray Charland, Santa Cruz, CA

“Thanks to Judy and Surya for giving me a great tour!
It was great to be led by a local (Surya) and to have such great support on the snorkel trips.  I always felt safe and taken care of. Super to be able to ask any question about anything and get a meaningful answer.
Thanks for doing what you do so well!”
Karin Grobe, Santa Cruz CA

“I felt totally satiated with what I received.  I was overjoyed on this trip.  My soul and my mind were so well nourished by the whole thing!
 I loved the variety of places we went and how you both tied those in to the history and culture of the area.  I felt like our experience was unique because of Surya's ambassadorial relationships with people and Judy's connections through the arts.  Fantastic!  What an entre to the world of Bali.  I liked the flexibility we had.  Surya kept his eyes and ears open always asking people about what was going on and the best ways to go, etc.  I loved meeting the people we were able to meet who were integral to the arts.  I loved the places we stayed  I liked the order that we did things in.  I liked being able to go diving and snorkeling and being able to exercise by walking.  I found the "lectures" very valuable and the ethnographic films came at a great time in the trip.  I did not feel like I had to do what everyone else was doing and I felt like there was a fair amount of group cohesion with people mixing it up throughout the trip.  I loved our drivers and guides. I loved the food. I loved Surya's patience with all of us. Most of all, I loved the enthusiasm that you and Surya share for the country, it's people and what you do.  I feel truly blessed.  This is definitely and highlight of my life and I have traveled a lot.
 What I will remember most is the exposure to the wonderful way that the Balinese take time for things--for worship and meditation; for family; for friends; for ceremony; for beauty and creativity; for celebration and for us.  What a gift to be exposed to that. Reencountering my traveling self.  Huge appetite to learn about the people and their ways; to meet new people; to see, feel, touch and taste new things; to revision where I come from given where I have been.  t it would not have happened this way without Surya and Judy.  No way.”
Erica Berg, Santa Cruz CA

“Overall, the trip was fantastic. Although I had been to Bali several times before, this trip gave me more insight into life on Bali, the people, their religion and their customs. It truly was a Back Roads trip, and I enjoy that type of travel. My favorite parts of the trip were the individual contacts that we had such as at Surya's family compound, at your home and with the artists in Ubud. Attending the festivals and the dance performances were highlights as well. My favorite was the rice barn cottages of Munduk. I also enjoyed the hiking there and a chance to see a very different side of Bali. My fondest memories will be of Surya dancing in Munduk, seeing your home in Ubud, climbing the stairs to the temple at the top of the mountain, hiking through rice fields and snorkeling in the national park. I will cherish the time we spent together and I wish you all the best in your continued travels and hope that our paths will cross again.”
Joan Pindar

Title the trip what you want but do not miss out on this experience. We will be back and Judy and Surya, terima kasih, suksuma, and sampie jumpa.”
Hal Wilner, San Mateo, Ca

“The Back Roads of Bali trip was one of the best experiences of my life. Judy and Surya are guides, friends , and teachers who lead you through a physical, spiritual, educational, culinary and cultural experience that is truly memorable! I mentioned to Surya that I have never been in a country so immersed in its own culture: the dance, crafts, rituals , the BEAUTIFUL offerings, cremations, many temple festivals, rights of passage, child rearing practices, natural healing practices etc. are everywhere you turn so it feels so normal (which it is for the Balinese!)

Getting to meet Surya and Judy's local contacts like the healer, mask maker and dance instructor, musical instrument maker, lontar maker, Ketuk, (the gamelan player, trek leader, friend,) Made, the driver, Judy's massage person in Ubud and especially Surya's Mom and family at his beautiful compound (that lunch your Mom and Sister made was the best meal of the trip--especially the tempe, smoked chicken and coconut dish!) is something that cannot be appreciated enough

I was also impressed how much Surya and Judy give back to Bali. One of the more moving experiences was when the 2 of you handed out the money to the students you sponsor. You questioned them about their interests, families, health and you show a real concern. Their letters to their sponsors and gifts of rice, fruit, to thank you were beautiful to behold.

The gentle, soft spoken yet fiercely proud Balinese are devoted to their community's (banjars), their families, their so important rice fields (which define the image of GREEN), their farming and irrigation practices, their traditions

I think the most important comment I can make about this trip is that I did not feel I was visiting Bali; I felt i was LIVING there temporarily (a subtle but important difference to me), and I owe that feeling to Surya, Judy, and Bali itself.

Title the trip what you want but do not miss out on this experience. We will be back and Judy and Surya, terima kasih, suksuma, and sampie jumpa.”
Hal Wilner, San Mateo, Ca

"I liked the activities. They were varied, interesting, educational info., and left most afternoons off. Great rafting trip! I'll remember the great guides, nice and interesting people, & the beautiful hikes and rafting tour. Superior group trip--highly recommended to over 45 adventurers. Leaders great personalities!!"
Bruce Shulman, Santa Cruz CA.

"I love Surya's obvious pride in his country. I will remember the cultural and spiritual richness of this lush, scenic wonderland and the warm, friendly people. Thanks Surya!"
Deborah Shulman, Santa Cruz CA.

"What an incredible adventure. It was beautiful, spiritual & physical journey. I liked the great itinerary, the wonderful mix of lodges, hikes, temples, snorkeling at Menjangan, the dances, rafting. I will remember our guide, Surya for sharing Bali with us. The beautiful combination of spiritual and physical events. The enthusiasm of both of you. Loved the trip and will highly recommend Danu Ent.. Our group was great too."
Alexanne Mills, Carmel CA.

"We best liked the insight into the culture by Surya. The dance performances were magical. The seminars were helpful in appreciating general culture and events. (This was) an exceptional experience of Bali--the culture--the environment--the people. Surya was a warm and helpful guide."
Don and Katherine Lutowsky, Kneeland CA.

"Judy and Surya, you are beautiful people--your love of Bali and people shows in every way with your travelers. Thanks you both for a most enjoyable Bali visit."
Flo Van Patten, Carmel CA.

"The trip was wonderful in large part because Surya was our leader. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful Bali with us."
Susan Du Coeur Carmel CA.

The Back roads of Bali
Itinerary August 17-30

Sun. Aug. 16: Transit

Mon. Aug. 17: Candi Dasa B Arrive in Bali where you transfer to our seaside bungalows at Candi Dasa beach where you will spend the next 4 nights.

Tues. Aug. 18: Candi Dasa B Wake up to breakfast served in an open-air pavilion overlooking the sea. Afterward, take a snorkeling excursion to the "Blue Lagoon," where you will see many varieties of tropical fish among the coral gardens. After lunch, an orientation session will acquaint you with Bali's language and customs.

Wed. Aug. 19: Candi Dasa BL Morning walk through small villages to the aboriginal village of Tenganan, where traditional palm leaf “lontar” books are etched, intricate baskets are created, and the famed double ikat (Grinsing) is woven. A delicious lunch and a tour of one of Bali's only Hindu Ashrams, created by the members. A late afternoon seminar on the Bali Hindu religion and temple system and further language instruction concludes the day’s activities.

Thur. Aug. 20: Candi Dasa B Take an early morning excursion to climb Gunung Lempuyang (1058 m.), an accessible yet sacred volcano. Those not wishing to make the climb can join us for lunch and afternoon spent at the Raja’s water palace at Tirtagangga, where you may swim in the olympic-sized, spring-fed pools, or wander through the surrounding rice fields. On our return, stop at the Raja’s resident palace in Amlapura for a glimpse of life under colonialism. A late afternoon seminar on language, the caste system, and rites of passage in Balinese traditional life concludes the day.

Fri. Aug. 21: Ubud B Depart Candi Dasa for Ubud, stopping along the way at Samarapura to visit the the small museum there and view the ceiling paintings. Our next stop is the 11th century temple of Goa Gadjah, the "Elephant Cave." Arrive in Ubud in time for lunch, and check into our hotel.

Sat. Aug. 22: Ubud B Walking tour of Nyu Kuning, a village of painters and carvers, concluding at the Monkey Forest temple. Afternoon free to explore Ubud's many shops and galleries from our centrally located bungalows.

Sun. Aug. 23: Ubud B Day visits to the home/studios of Ubud's artisans and crafts people. Evening performance of Jegog--giant Bamboo Gamelan described as the "Sounds of the Earth," with dance.

Mon. Aug. 24: Ubud B Walk through small villages, concluding at Keliki, a village where they paint miniatures, and also Ubuds oldest temple. Evening performance of the Kecak (Ramayana Story) and fire trance dance.

Tues. Aug. 25: Pemuteran B Depart Ubud, traveling north through the heart of the island’s produce basket, visiting the local market brimming with numerous varieties of tropical fruits, vegetables and many species of orchids. Stop at Pura Ulun Danu, Bali's most beautiful temple, floating on a flower-draped crater lake. Arrive at our beach front hotel, check in and enjoy dinner under tropical skies.

Wed. Aug. 26: Pemuteran B Pemuteran Early departure for West Bali National Park and world-class snorkeling at adjoining Menjangan Island, where coral reefs drop off into the clear, warm ocean. Return to our beach front hotel and a relaxing afternoon and evening on the shores of north Bali.

Thur. Aug. 27: Munduk BD Depart Munduk for Pemuteran, stopping along the way at Banjar village to visit a beautiful Buddhist monastery and also the Holy Hot Springs where you can take a plunge. Arrive in volcano country, and our romantic cottages, surrounded by rice fields, clove and coffee plantations. Family-style dinner together.

Fri. Aug. 28: Munduk BD Hike to one of Bali's most breathtaking waterfalls through cocoa, vanilla, and banana plantations. Afternoon class in making and playing the Tingklik, the bamboo musical instruments so popular in Bali . A sunset seminar on Indonesian history and politics before a dinner.

Sat. Aug. 29: Munduk BD Morning hike through small villages and rice fields, culminating in a visit to the sacred “Rock that Grows.” 3:00 Watch the village childrens dance class.
Happy Hour seminar on the water temple irrigation system, and the Subak, Bali's farming cooperative. Family-style dinner together. Evening performance by the village dance and Gamelan troupe.

Sun. Aug. 30: Transit/Bali/ USA. Depart Bali for your trip home.
Other situations may arise that we can take advantage of--cremation festivities or other rites of passage, temple festival and purification ceremonies. In case any activity must be canceled, another similar activity will be substituted. There will be no refunds for any activities participants do not attend, and anyone who leaves the tour itinerary at any time FOR ANY REASON is on their own

Candi Dasa:
Munduk: Puri Lumbung Cottages
Pemuteran: Adi Asri Beach Cottages

Trip Package Includes:
  • 13 nights accommodations in Candi Dasa, Munduk, Pemuteran Beach, and in Ubud.
  • Breakfasts each day, lunch at the Ashram and Made Surya's family home, four dinners in Munduk.
  • Seminars in Indonesian language, local customs, Bali Hinduism, caste and social systems, offerings and temples, Indonesian history and politics, farming and irrigation systems, visual art and theatre, and more.
  • Snorkeling excursions to Blue Lagoon and Menjangan Island,
    Swimming excursions at Tirtagangga. Swimming pools at all hotels except Munduk.
  • Guided volcano climb up Gunung Lempuyang.
  • 3 live theatre performances.
  • Treks through local villages, coffee & clove plantations. tropical rain forests.
  • Services of professional Balinese and English-speaking guides.
    Pre-trip information.
  • Visits to important temples, fruit and flower market, Tenganan aboriginal village, royal palaces, Anthropological museum, family homes, artists, weavers, and carver's compounds.

Not Included: Extra drinks at meals (bottled water only provided). Most meals, laundry services, extra baggage and overweight charges, passport fees, scuba (must have license) or snorkeling equipment, single room supplement, airport taxes, RT air.

Price: $1800.00 per person based on two people sharing a room with twin beds and a private bath. Minimum 6 participants, Maximum 14. A $500.00 deposit is required to secure space. 2014 airfare rate from the USA was $1400. and less.

Single Supplement: Those traveling as singles may choose roommates from among the group. If no roommate is available, the client will be advised before departure, and must pay a single supplement $360.00.

Cancellations and Refunds: A cancellation fee of $100.00 is charged until 6o days prior to departure when 1/2 the ground portion will be charged. There will be no refunds one week before departure. Final payments due June 15, 2015.

Passport, Visa and Health: A passport, valid six months from date of entry with proof of onward transportation. Indonesian visa for 30 days granted on arrival to US citizens for $35.00 fee.
No inoculations are suggested or required.


Call toll free 888-476-0543 or email for further information.
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