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Comments from former travelers:

“The workshop was a rather overwhelming experience (in a good way!) and it changed my life. Subsequent practitioners I have seen here described my peculiar condition in the same way...almost the same words as Surya''s translation of what the healers were describing/diagnosing me in Bali. I have learnt so much about myself, a much deeper connection to 'Me" and therefore more confidence to be who I am in the world. Its a challenging but highly creative path. “
- Patrick S., Byron Bay Australia

“The course you presented was a very good introduction to Bali culture and healing traditions of Bali. My sisters and I know that there is more to learn and 1 week is not enough. I like the general informality of the learning process further made interesting by your enthusiasm for Bali culture, your inherent spirituality, and the fact that you yourself are an artist of several kinds. Thank you too for so many personal touches throughout the course. We had a wonderful time.”
- Agnes G., Lower Hutt,
. New Zealand

“Thank you for sharing your culture...and for the unusual learning experiences.
I came back to the Philippines with a clear mind and a light heart.
I no longer try to get in the middle of everything and zoom in for an immediate solution. It's a circle of balance which always comes to the forefront. We are slowly pushing through with the hospital's alternative therapy center. It will take a lot of patience and determination but... hopefully... it will become...
May you be able to share with more people the essence of Bali.”
- Z. R. Cagape, M.D., Philippines

“Thank you for your willingness to share your understandings with us. I appreciate all that I have learned over the past 5 days and know that my education and in turn my understanding will continue for the rest of this lifetime and beyond. Your knowledge will be important to pass on to westerners, but also your own people.”
- L. Gully, Busselton Australia

“I am so glad that we were blessed with you as our guide and translator.
Thank you so very much, this was truly a special day for us.
I send you much light and many blessings. May your days be full of wonderful moments.”
- S. Bush, Abu Dhabi / UAE

“I would like to thank you for the course that I just did in Bali. It was a unique experience one that I am grateful for and still processing. I met some lovely people on it and learnt an untold amount of information that will always sit well with me. It was great to see the healers , especially the trance medium as I am a medium myself and work on a similar vibrations. I had a fantastic time.
- Kathy Perkins, Perth Australia

“Thank you for this wonderful course that you have both put together
I went to Bali with very heavy energy because of what is happening in my life at the moment and had noticed from the first day and the purification ceremony that this energy began to lift and was so light when I finished the course
I also enjoyed sharing the moments with the healers and insight I to how they do their healing and how trusting they were with their connections
I loved the herbs and concoctions that you show us and am introducing them into my life once I source them here in Australia
Surya you completed the course with your humbleness, knowledge and wonderful energy and I have taken in all that you shared with us and it has changed many things for me on various levels and would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends and associates.”
- Beverley Bryant, Capel Australia

Workshop Schedule: Balinese Healers and Healing, a Five-Day Intensive
  Dec. 21-25, 2014
Jan. 16-20, 2015
July 8-12, 2015
Aug. 3-7 2015

Day 1. 10:00 At Tutmak: Introduction of members and background on Bali Hinduism and its relationship to traditional healing. Lunch Break. Resume with talk on types of healers, traditional Balinese medical literature, and mystical aspects of the practice. Late afternoon excursion to a sacred spring for purification ritual.

Day 2. 10:00 Meet at Tutmak for seminar on the Four spiritual Siblings, the mystical elements that accompany us throughout our lives and their role in healing. Lunch break. Visit to distinguished healer with chance for a check up. Afterward a discussion of experience and details in his work.

Day 3. 9:00 Meet in front of Tutmak for an excursion to the Ubud market and talk about foods with medicinal properties. Embark on an herb walk in neighboring area, with lunch at Sari Organic. Field trip to small village near Mengwi for visit with Healer specializing in bones and muscles.

Day 4: 10:00 at Tutmak. Seminar on the magic of the Left versus the Right, Love potions, black magic and their relationship to illness, the concept of Cakra’s and misconceptions of Tantra. Lunch break. Afternoon field trip journey to South Bali to visit the home of a famed trance channeler.

Day 5: 10:00 Depart Tutmak for Denpasar and meeting with a guest speaker from the Udayana University Medical Dept. on subject comparison of traditional healing with western medicine. Question and answer session follows. Lunch break. Afternoon Demonstration of making herbal medicine. Final discussion and wrap-up session.
Any of the above program subject to change and will be adjusted if there is an event and or "new healer" to be visited for the benefit of the participants. This workshop will take place in Ubud Bali, and will begin and end each day Tutmak Cafe, Jalan Sita central Ubud.

Price: $600.00. Limited to six participants.

Trip Package Includes:
  • All seminars, excursions and field field trips mentioned in itineracy, including transport.
  • Informational handouts
  • Services of Made Surya as guide and translator.

Deposit: A deposit of $100. with registration/release form insures space. Cancellation fee $50.00. The remaining fee is due the beginning of the first meeting, in US dollars or rupiah at current exchange rate. No credit cards.
Not Included: Checkups or treatments with Healers, lunches.

Made Surya: Besides leadinging tours through my own company (www.danutours.com), I also specialize in teaching workshops on traditional Balinese Healing and Healers (www.balihealers.com), and also work with private clients and academics who are studying this arena, and I also take clients to visit healers in Bali and translate. I specialize in translating medical, psychological, and spiritual terms that few if any Balinese know. I am happy to do this kind of work when I am in Bali, but when I am not, please do not contact me and ask me “who should I see for healing?” as I am not a Balian Referral Service.”

Made Surya will be available for private guiding/translation from Dec.13, 2014 to Jan. 26, 2015, and various dates, June 15 -August 2015.

Made Surya will be leading a two-week workshop, Healers and Healing Traditions, Jan. 27-Feb. 9, 2015 and a 2-week Healing and Healers with Yoga, June 19-30, 2015.

For further information and a detailed itinerary, go to: www.danutours.com Danu@earthlink.net

For Registration/Information: danu@earthlink.net / www.danutours.com


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