February 21-March 6, 2019 Are you ready to escape the winter doldrums and  explore the Rite of Spring as the ancients conceived it? The festival of Carnevale, in its various manifestations, has been celebrated by humankind since at least 600 AD. With origins in the orgiastic rites and rituals of… Read more »


May 6-17 2018 We begin our magical sojourn in Florence, the perfect example of a romantic Italian city, and justly renown for history, art, literature, architecture, and fashion. The warm red-gold roofs nestling in the bowl of hills, the silver ribbon of the Arno river winding gracefully through, the enormous… Read more »

May 22-June 4 , 2018 Join Us! Wandering down narrow, cobbled streets, serenaded by the tinkle of copper bells around the necks of the sheep and goats grazing nearby, delighted by the light clip-clop of donkey hooves completing the day’s deliveries. As you explore hillsides and villages, reveling in the plaintive… Read more »